Proud to announce I’m no longer a Blog Virgin!


I really don’t know why it has taken me so long to get a Blog started,  I’ve always embraced new ideas, gotten excited about new technology, lovingly coveted and tinkered with new Gadgets. Maybe it’s that old worn out excuse of not having enough time …Hmmm,  that does sound familiar.

It’s official, I’m no longer a Blog virgin and this is my Blog.linda_mellor_photography

I’ll introduce myself, I’m Linda Mellor, 44 and a bit,  living in a character country cottage in Hutton-in-the-Forest with my Hubs Richard and our 3 Airedale Terriers. I’m a Professional Photographer and rarely without my Camera. I am Linda Mellor Photography I love all types of photography but I have a real passion  for photographing people. I aim to share lots of photos, past and present on my blog.

Richard, currently 43 but turning 44 on 1st October (the devil is in the detail,  titter, titter!) and I are country lovers, we love the open spaces, the landscapes, I was going to say the weather but I’ll hold back on that comment for another day, wildlife and watching our Airedales have daft turns.

Richard is originally from Shirely, Solihull, West Mids and I’m from Dysart, Fife, Scotland. Richard was a TV lighting Cameraman for many years, he built up lots of experience working on the F1 for a few seasons, freelanced for most of the big TV channels, filmed most sports, big news and little news, you name it and I think he has filmed it. Last year he went through the male menopause a complete Career change/mid-life crisis as he puts it and joined the Scottish Ambulance Service to train as a Paramedic. He wanted to ‘give something back’ and now he is doing it.

LindaMPhoto’s blog is going to be about me and my camera, the people I meet, the places I go and the things I get up to. I do get out and about a good deal with my work although I tend to stick to working in Cumbria with regular trips across the border to Dysart, Fife to visit my parents. I am a working Photographer and I hope you enjoy my photography and reading my blog.

This is a self portrait taken late last year – note to self: get another one done.

How was it for me, my first Blogging experience? …..I feel like a new woman, there’s no stopping me now!

Please feel free to get in contact, leave comments on my blog, email me or follow me on twitter LindaMPhotos.


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