My Quest for Cumbrian Men!

Journalist John Keenan photographed in The Lounge, Penrith

Journalist John Keenan photographed in The Lounge, Penrith

My search continues for men to take part in my Cumbrian Man Photography Project.  I have had many compliments for my photographs of John Keenan from last week’s photoshoot and a number of emails and phone calls from men asking exactly what is involved.

What to expect when you take part in a Cumbrian Man Photoshoot?

I will arrange a mutually convenient date, time and location for us to meet, ideally I will need around an hour to an hour and a half of your time. The location of the shoot could be anywhere in Cumbria, indoors or outdoors.  I’ve photographed David the dry-stone-waller outdoors building a wall. David loves being outdoors so photographing him building a wall seemed a natural choice of location for the photoshoot.  I photographed John last week in The Lounge, King Street, Penrith with his journalistic tools of the trade – laptop, notepad and pen. I will be photographing another Cumbrian man later this week, the photoshoot will be taking place indoors and it will have a dark and  moody feel to the shoot. I spoke to someone today who spends a lot of his spare time with his horse so this shoot will take into consideration his interest in horses and he will be photographed with his horse.

So you can see there are no hard and fast rules, the same goes for what to wear. You wear what you want to wear, if you want to be smartly dressed or casually dressed, whatever you choose then I am happy to photograph you.

If you have any questions please contact me through my blog, Linda Mellor Photography website or through

Cumbrian Men, Don’t be shy!

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