Trip into Penrith and cup of tea with the guys in Tourist Centre

I really wish we had more light before 7am because walking the dogs in the darkness isn’t much fun.

I’ve had a couple of winter-darkness-dog-walking ideas and ordered 3 flashing collar lights from Lakes Bush Craft These flashing lights will help me find the Airedales in the darkness in the woods ( I hope!) so all I need to buy now is one of those head lamps, you know the kind you wear on your head. Carrying a torch really isn’t an option when you are walking 3 dogs. Photos to follow of Airedales with their collars of flashing lights.

I enjoyed a cup of tea with Richard and Charles from Penrith’s Tourist Information Centre this morning.

I popped in to take some photos and have a chat with Charles (Tourist Information Centre Manager) about their promotion for  “Cards for Good Causes”.   I think it’s a great idea and was surprised to find such a wide range of designs to buy – tradition festive designs, cute ones, wintry landscapes, humorous and cuddly animals. I think there’s something for everyone’s taste in the collection.  It’s also pleasing to hear for every £1 spent a minimum of 75p goes to charity. To see more photos visit Penrithlocal

On Penrithlocal

This year Cards for Good Causes, the UK’s largest multi-charity Christmas card organisation, is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the 1959 Group of Charities and is delighted to have teamed up with Penrith Tourist Information Centre (TIC) to sell an extensive range of high quality Christmas cards in its anniversary year.

Penrith TIC staff has taken delivery of hundreds of high quality cards which are on sale from now until 24 December. The cards come in all sort of shapes and sizes and are designed by professional artists. For every £1 spent, a minimum of 75p goes back directly to charities who are members of Cards for Good Causes.

Charity cards form an important source of funding for charities enabling them to undertake work they might otherwise struggle to fund. Back in 1959 James Jackson, Secretary of the British Diabetic Association, gathered a group of medical charities together to discuss the co-ordination of publicity for their charity Christmas cards through the publication of a leaflet. Among the first charities participating in 1959 were British Epilepsy (now Epilepsy UK), Multiple Sclerosis Society, NSPCC and The National Deaf Children’s Society all of whom are with Cards for Good Causes today.

“We are delighted that Cards for Good Causes has chosen to sell Christmas cards through Penrith TIC,” said Eden District Council’s TIC Network Manager, Charles Thornton. “Local people and visitors come back year after year to buy cards from Penrith’s award winning TIC, because they enjoy the good quality cards and supporting their favourite charities.”

Over the last five years, charities have received £20 million from Cards for Good Causes which has enabled them to carry out a whole range of activities and projects around the UK.

From Monday 19 October the TIC operates winter opening hours which are Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm. For more information tel: (01768) 867466

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