Summer Solstice Castlerigg Stone Circle, Cumbria

I posted this update at 2.40am. We left the house around 3am to head to Castlerigg stone circle.  When we arrived there were loads of cars parked up on either side of the road right down the hill.   I think there were something like 150 people, a lot of them had stayed up all night around the large bonfire in the middle of the stones.

Before 6am at castlerigg stone circle

It was cool and very still, temperatures dropped before sunrise to something like 3 degrees.  I was glad I remembered to take some gloves! I spoke to Paul from Brampton, he was dressed in a long robe and said he’d been at circle since 11pm. He said, “I come here every year and really enjoy it. I’m glad the weather this year is great as last year I had water running through my tent.”  When I commented about the amount of rubbish lying around on the site he said, ” lots of people are good at picking it up even if few make a mess and don’t clear up after themselves.”

Here is a small selection of photographs. We packed up around 6am and headed home – is it bedtime yet?


  1. What an amazing collection of graphic and atmospheric pictures……well worth the early rise.
    We particularly like the against the sun shot of the sun rising!
    Pat and Pete


  2. Great photos, we have Stonehenge about 30 miles from here but I understand it s all a bit commercial these days. Having been in Salisbury A&E the following day it was indeed a strange experience


  3. Thanks Pete. I visited Stonehenge years ago and was really disappointed by the way it had been commercialised and made into a visitor ‘experience’.

    You’ve got me curious, why did you end up in in A&E?


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