Scotland’s Weather: Loch Leven still frozen and temperatures drop once again

Loch Leven photographing a photographer at sunset

I don’t think it has been above -1 °C today even in full sunshine, the snow is frozen solid making all the untreated areas like an ice-rink. Every inch of pavement is treacherous with hard packed, highly polished ice.

Coming back from Cupar ( Hoggs of Fife had a major sale on this weekend)  we took a detour so I could photograph Loch Leven as the sun was setting.  Even though the Loch is still frozen, I couldn’t believe people were walking on the ice with their dogs, don’t they have any sense of danger! See this recent story.

The sky was more or less cloudless at sunset which makes for a pretty uninteresting sunset in my opinion but I did get a nice shot of a photographer with his tripod on the edge of the Loch instead.

The temperature by the Loch edge was -4 °C.

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