Sunset with Falkland Hill, Fife, Scotland

Another cold week ahead, falkland hill at sunset

Yet more cold weather is on the way to Scotland. I’m not sure if we’re going to get a thaw before more snow arrives at the end of the week.

Our drive is now a downhill ice rink, the track leading up to the fields is also an ice rink with no grip, just rutted solid ice. We are hoping for an oil delivery this week so not sure what is going to happen if the ice isn’t broken up or thawed by the sun.


  1. Such a beautiful picture. I am researching ancestors in Falkland. Wish I could visit, but at least your pictures allow me to see it.
    South Carolina


  2. Hi Linda,

    I especially love the photo of the Falkland church.

    My ancestors lived at 36 High Street and 55 Westport back in 1870. They were linen weavers. It would be lovely to see pictures of the streets of Falkland.

    I enjoy your blog.
    Stay warm!
    South Carolina


  3. Hi Alison,

    On my next visit to Falkland I’ll look for the addresses and photograph them for you. Falkland has lots of old properties so there is a good chance they’re still there.

    We’re experiencing a really cold snap in Scotland, it’s still -5 °C despite being 10.30am.

    Best wishes,



  4. It would be amazing if the properties were still there. My second great grandfather had 8 children. Only one of them immigrated to the US, and I am descended from him. I am eager to visit some day as it sounds like a charming village. Thank you for any photos when you have time and it is warmer.

    South Carolina, USA


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