Bloody Mice!

mouse trap under the bonnet of range rover vogue se V8

My classic Range Rover Vogue SE is suffering from a Rodent attack. The mice have been under the bonnet and have been chomping on HT leads and some other hoses. The spare HT leads from the shed have come in very handy and a couple of hoses have been repaired.

I have parked it in different positions, nose in,  nose out, sideways, away from trees, middle of the drive and sprayed the leads with WD40 in an attempt to keep them away.

I have now resorted to placing a few traps on top of the engine at night in an attempt to catch them.

Does anyone have any effective anti-rodent suggestions?


  1. Oh dear Linda!.we had this trouble with our car when we lived in rural Wales and we discovered that mice LOVE soap so if you put odd pieces of soap at a short distance from the car they will concentrate on that instead… harm in leavng the traps too but do remember they are their or you could finish up with a picnicof toasted cheese!


  2. Soap… Maybe try poison Linda as you want them dead not ready to go out on the town….:-)
    Either that you get a cat……I’m sure the Keeper will love that aroud the place…lol


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