Scottish Gundog Association Test, Arnot, Fife

Scottish Gundog Association test, water retrieve

A good turn out for the Scottish Gundog Association test at Arnot in Fife today. Dog and handlers enjoyed a variety of challenges – double, blind and water retrieves on the hillside over looking Fife, Loch Leven and parts of Kinross.


  1. Hi Linda
    Good photographs from yesterday. Lin just texted me. She says it looks like I’m modelling my jacket and a fitting comment for the other one clearly says- What the…. went wrong there!!!!

    Must get you to take a photo of my dogs next time you’re out and about while they’re still in their prime.


  2. Hi Lorna

    There are more photographs on their way very shortly.

    When I get a countryside clothing photography job you will be the first person I call to model jackets for me 🙂

    All going to plan I should be at Logiealmond next week – are you going?


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