Fife roe buck stalking with Mark Robson

Thank you very much to Mark for this morning’s stalk over some very interesting Fife countryside with Soren from Denmark.

We met at 0530, headed uphill and parked up on the outskirts of a farm. The sky was cloudy and grey making the light was very flat but you could see a hint of sunrise in some distant broken cloud over the North Sea.

We got our gear out of the truck and headed downhill through a very muddy field.  As we walked through the sticky mud you could feel your wellies getting heavier and heavier, another step and another glob of mud sticks to your boots making them feel like a pair of deep sea diving boots! (not that I’ve ever worn them before). Over a gate and into a wide green gulley staying close to the prickly yellow gorse bushes, a favourite food for the deer.

The wind was twirling around in all directions much to our disadvantage. We crept along the side of the stream, Mark pointed out some fresh roe slots in the mud so no doubt our scent had alerted the deer.

We continued along the edge of the stream then headed uphill. I stopped to take a couple of pictures of the big views across Fife and out to the North Sea. As we reached the top of the hill we kept close to the fence line as the land opened up down the other side into another grassy gulley. Over the far side when we saw a number of does, sweeping across to the left was a buck on his own.  He moved around a bit before settling in a spot browsing on more grass.

Mark quickly set up the sticks and Soren got himself in position with his rifle and took the shot. The buck dropped.  The buck had a good body size, healthy looking with rather nicely formed cornets. Perfect timing for photographs as Mark set about the gralloching it started to rain.

We walked back in the drizzle to the vehicle, stopping to watch another buck who jumped over the fence a few hundred yards up the track in front of us.

I have more photographs to upload of the 2nd buck shot, an interesting one more in line with deer management than anything else, I’ll upload them tomorrow.

—–> CLICK photographs to enlarge. All photo have been greatly reduced in size for uploading.

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