Tanker trouble and rescue – summary

Yesterday ( thankfully a sunny day!) Brogan’s were on their way to delivery oil but the fully laden tanker went off the track and was leaning at a very precarious angle on the verge of toppling over. There’s only one route in and out of the property and it was now blocked by the tanker #1.

A number of hours later tanker #2 turned up so the oil could be pumped off  tanker #1 but as the oil was transferred the second tanker’s weight started to cause further problems with the track giving way underneath him and he was stuck and sitting at an angle.

The massive  MTS recovery truck turned up from Perth and they slowly inched tanker #2 out off danger then they used the nearby trees to winch the tanker #1 to safety. Tanker #1 had a little oil left to put in our tank. The whole event started at 7.45am and finished at 2.45pm.

See my photos here here and here


  1. Excellent posts. 🙂

    I’m surprised they even took the tanker up the track in the first place to be honest as it seems quite tight. Glad all was sorted and nobody hurt or oil spilt.


      1. Ah, just deceptive from the photos. I was smiling at the slogan on the tank regarding ‘don’t shiver…we’ll deliver’ – I’ll bet the driver had a few shivers when the tanker was tilted right over! 🙂

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