Roe buck stalk

I was out stalking with Colin Johnston this week over the Falkland Estate, Fife.  We covered quite a distance starting off on the low ground before heading up to a plantation area between the two Lomond hills. Colin shot a couple of cull bucks who’d been damaging the young trees in the new plantation. The first one was shot well over 120 yards in a new plantation and the second around 80 yards off sticks, nice shooting Colin. Although healthy, it was quite surprising how small and scrawny they were.

The second buck was a bit of challenge to get to though, we had to make our way over an old stone wall then through an old plantation over ankle-breaking ground of old rotten tree stumps and boggy pools of slimey green water. There wasn’t an inch of flat ground, each time you stepped forward you were putting your foot on dead wood and clambering over old tree stumps. I’m always keen to stay upright with my Canon 1D mk lV around my neck!

Colin gralloched the bucks while Sam the Vizsla waited patiently at a distance and was rewarded with some fresh heart. I helped Colin get the roe sack onto his back before we made our way gingerly through the plantation minefield to a track. We took it slowly up the hill back to the car, stopping so I could photograph the beads of sweat dripping off Colin’s forehead ( well, a photographer has to capture everything!). The roe sack was put in the boot of my old Range Rover and we headed homewards counting up the number of deer we’d seen that morning.

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