Balbirnie shooting party Saturday 1st December 2012, Series 1 107 Land Rover 1957

Balbirnie shooting party

A selection of photographs are now in the gallery via my website


  1. Wow, a very rare vehicle indeed now. Is it still in regular use? Great to think that it is still doing the job it was designed for some 55 years after it was built. 🙂


      1. They have a character about them that modern vehicles just don’t have. We find that when we are out and about in old Series Land Rovers. People actually stop in their tracks and stare, especially the kids. I have driven into our local supermarket carpark loads of times in the modern jap pickup and nobody bats and eye and yet drive into it in our 109″ and just about everybody stares at it. I have no idea what it is about them that makes them so appealing but there is definately something. 🙂

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