Interview with Ben White of Keepers Mate

Ben White of Keepers Mate

Ben White of Keepers Mate

I first came across Keepers Mate on Twitter (@keepersmate) in March. I was interested to know more about the site and who was behind so I spoke with Ben White, the site’s owner.

Somerset based Ben recently got into shooting and it was through his direct experience he came up with the idea of creating a site to help and assist people who are interested and involved in field sports.

Ben explains the conception of the site came from a need to know more about gamekeeping and beating.  “Last year I started beating on a local shoot; I was new to it and instantly loved it.  I have an inquisitive nature and I wanted to know more about beating so I started talking with the regular beaters and asking for their advice and about product recommendations.  It struck me there was wealth of knowledge out there so I set about creating a place for people to visit, contribute and share that information.”

Getting the layout and the construction of the Keepers Mate website were equally important to Ben, he says, “I want visitors to have the best user experience. I designed it to be easy to navigate with lots of images so when you arrive on the site there is one click to go into the section you want. It was also important the site wasn’t graffitied with people selling their wares.  I want it to become an online magazine where people visit on a coffee break or lunch hour to gain valuable information, share tips and advice.

Ben is very clear about the direction of Keepers Mate and how it will serve everyone in field sports, whether you are new to it or a seasoned keeper with a lifetime of experience the site will be enriched by you visiting, taking part and sharing information. “If you have never had involvement with field sports your confidence can get easily knocked and you don’t know where to go to ask questions. I want the site to give people confidence and to put them in touch with other field sports enthusiasts. Everyone can  get involved by contributing their experiences and imparting information.”  Keepers Mate will create a significant go-to place, crammed full of information & tips, an essential guide for country life, field sports and shooting news.


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