My love of Countrysports …explained

Roe deer buck

Roe deer buck


My interest in country sports stems from childhood and going out shooting with my dad. I am 48 now and that feeling of excitement when I know I am going out shooting or stalking has never left me. My childhood involvement in country sports developed into a life long passion; I simply couldn’t imagine life without it. It doesn’t matter what is going on in your life because time spent outdoors taking part in country sports will always benefit you mentally as well as physically. Many people have said to me it helps them put the balance back into their life and frees them of the stresses and strains of day to day life.  It gives them time to think, unravel problems and digest information. The tranquillity of the countryside and the sense of being at one with nature is food for the soul. Pigeon shooter Mark said, “Sat in a field with the pigeon decoys out, flask of tea, some sarnies and a good few hours sport (doesn’t have to be too busy) just de-stresses me. When it is time for me to pack up everything and go home I feel utterly relaxed.”

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