1. BTW how far south do you travel for work assignments? Just curious as once I have finished the rebuild of my Series 2 (hopefully late spring) I’ll be looking to do a calendar of both my 88″ Series 2 and my wifes 109″ Series 3 in some off road settings with some male and female models. The idea being to use some photos for calendars and others for promoting the blog. Some of the photos would have a sexy edge but the models (certainly the females) would be fully clothed to cater for WordPress constraints etc. Obviously I’d prefer an all female calendar but my wife quite enjoyed your series of male calendar models a few months back and would insist on a fair representation….. After looking at your work for the past couple of years you’d be the perfect photographer but sadly you may be too far away? (we are in North Lincolnshire)


    1. I travel the UK and beyond, so North Lincolnshire isn’t a problem for me. The calendar idea sounds very interesting and I am pleased to hear you and your wife have agreed on a fair representation of both male and female models to compliment the Series 2 and 3 😀 The calendar shots will require a degree of planning so we should talk sooner rather than later.
      Best wishes,


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