The Diary of Lady Trap Shooter: chapter 4 #trapshooting #clayshooting

Iain MacGregor shooting coach and bad boy

Iain MacGregor shooting coach and bad boy

Chapter four: January 9th 2014.  “Do it in your underwear”, he said.

50 Cartridges

It was a cool but bright day at Auchterhouse for my next coaching session with Iain MacGregor.

We started with simple targets on station 3 and the basics like face tight down on the gun, checking gun mount and barrel and eye correlation.  We then moved on the timing: not to move on ‘pull’ and the importance of good follow-through. I felt frustrated, things were not falling into place as well as I had hoped. I found myself focussing on not moving when I called ‘pull’ then I would stop the gun. It was as though my focus could only work in bite sized chunks. We talked and I shot some more. I find the talking really helps as Iain studies everything when I am shooting. In some cases, I do things I am not even aware of doing but he, like the all Seeing Eye, observes everything and points out where I went wrong and why. I find this very beneficial as it breaks down the process and helps me to understand my route to improvement.

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