BIG changes for lady trap shooter!

The diary of a lady trap shooter

The diary of a lady trap shooter


Chapter Seven: 23 January 2014 “BIG changes”
Location Auchterhouse Country Sports
75 Cartridges
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Over a cup of tea we carried on our conversation from the previous week about fitness. I appreciate how I need core fitness for body movement and to maintain good posture when shooting. I’m going to the gym three times a week now and had hoped to do swimming sessions as well. So far I’ve managed the gym sessions but had no swimming; I must try to change this. We also spoke about shooting glasses. I need to get a pair of shooting glasses (the big lens sort like Pilla high definition – any sponsors out there?) and get used to shooting with them.

I warmed up with some basic body stretches and then picked up my gun and did a few gun mounts out across the range. We started on station 1 as Iain wanted to see how I was getting on after last week with keeping that ‘tank turret’ movement. There was some improvement in my posture and I shot more left targets than the previous week.

Iain said I wasn’t holding the forend of the gun properly with my left hand. My hand was in the wrong position so I was unable to control the lateral movement of the gun and had a tendency to flick the barrels up. I had been holding the forend in my fingers. Iain demonstrated the correct way of, what I called, cupping the forend in your hand. Wow!! BIG technical change but it felt right.

Iain said I had made good improvement and “the more you go on the smaller things will matter.” He continued, “You can be hitting all the targets but you should be hitting all the targets properly.”

It was getting to the end of the session so it was back to station 3 to try out the new hand position and it felt so much better: much more controlled and comfortable. Then I had a really interesting and rewarding few minutes, I shot approximately 10 targets, one after the other. Iain stood back, said nothing and I just kept calling for the targets and shooting them. It was an amazing feeling; I felt focussed, confident and relaxed.

It was highly enjoyable session with some laughs along the way. I love all the new stuff. We covered a lot of ground today and I felt stronger with more energy. As we finished up Iain said, “Making good progress and now the details matter.”

Today we also talked about timing and eyes but as there are big subjects I shall talk about it in another update within the next day or so.

Iain’s website

Auchterhouse Country Sports


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