Diary of a lady trap shooter chapter eight: timing, eyes and birds! #fieldsports #shooting

Iain Macgregor shotgun coach

Iain Macgregor shotgun coach

Chapter Eight: January 29th, 31st & February 1st 2014 “Timing, eyes and birds”
Locations Balbirnie Estate, Auchmuirbridge and Auchterhouse
56 cartridges

There has been quite a lot of shooting activity since my last update on 23rd January. Iain McGregor was away coaching in Europe last week so there was no session with him. I did, however, shoot Clays on Wednesday, shoot pheasants Friday and Saturday.

My last session with Iain on 23rd January was very detailed and he spoke about timing and eyes. Iain said, “Timing means different things to different people. It means looking for the target and how you respond to it – that’s timing.” He continued, “What is good timing? There is a proper response to the target.”

Working with Iain has made me very aware of being prepared and getting my eyes into the correct position. Previously my eyes wouldn’t be ready or they’d be looking at the end of the gun.  To continue reading click here…end of season pheasant shoot

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