Diary of a Lady Trap Shooter chapter 9: Mind matters & hairdressing #trapshooting

trap shooting mind map

trap shooting mind map

Chapter Nine: February 6th 2014 “Mind Matters and Hairdressing”
Location Auchterhouse Country Sports
75 Cartridges

Thursday was a wet, cold and dull day but one of the two DTL stands at Auchterhouse is undercover, thankfully. On the stand Iain asked what did I want to achieve with the coaching session, I said, “Focus” to which he asked, “what is focus?” so I talked through what focus meant to me and scribbled it down into a mind map.

I know from past experience the benefit of having your mind working for you and being prepared. Before I started shooting I ran through my pre-shot routine and tried to focus my mind on being mentally prepared to shoot. We both acknowledge this can be tricky during a coaching session because we do a lot of talking. My skill level is increasing and I have a good sense of understanding of what it is I am getting wrong (if I get it wrong!!). I find part of this identification process very useful; I think you need to see and feel it for yourself so you can make the changes. It is hard to make the changes if you can’t isolate the issue with a sight picture and the feelings attached to it. To continue reading click HERE

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