Diary of a lady trap shooter: chapter 10 Camera Vs Gun #trapshooting

shooting glasses and camera reflection. Diary of a lady trap shooter

shooting glasses and camera reflection. Diary of a lady trap shooter

Chapter ten: Sunday 9th February 2014 “Camera Vs Gun”

I sometimes look at the end of my gun. I am not aware of doing it, but I do it. It doesn’t happen all the time but I am guessing it happens when I’m not fully focused or perhaps distracted.

I was showing Iain how to work my camera (in case you are reading this and did not know I am a pro-photographer). Actually, that last sentence about me showing Iain how to work the camera is a little ambiguous; to be more precise I set it up and said press the shutter button! Anyway, when Iain depressed the shutter button half way and looked through the lens he noticed the focus points. I had set the camera up to auto focus and selected two fixed focus points. Something clicked and it wasn’t the camera! Iain thinks this could be the reason why I sometimes look at the end of my gun. I am so used to looking through the camera, surveying the scene and then selecting a focus point for the picture I wish to create. Your eyes go out there to the bigger picture then hone in on the focal interest. I wouldn’t like to guess how many times I’ve looked through my camera to take a photograph. I’ve done it so often, perhaps millions of times, it is second nature.

I also use my left eye to look through the camera so this must also contribute to the left eye dominance. When, and hopefully soon, I will own a pair of HD shooting glasses and have a dot put over the left pupil and shoot with both eyes open.

Yesterday I spent some time observing a DTL competition at Auchterhouse. I have photographed DTL many times but I have never taken the time to watch purely as an observer.  I watched a couple of squads not everyone. It was very interesting to watch others shooting and how they prepared. Not one person stretched or warmed up and only one person took the opportunity to clear their gun. I recall Tom Brown telling me a few weeks ago this was an idea opportunity to visualise breaking the clay. And, as Freud said, “Thought is action in rehearsal”


Iain’s website http://www.claycoach.co.uk

Auchterhouse www.auchterhousecountrysports.co.uk

Linda Mellor’s website www.lindamellorphotography.co.uk


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