Lady Trap Shooter Chapter twelve: “Shooting Fitness” with Ben Husthwaite #shooting

Ben Husthwaite Fitness for shooting

Ben Husthwaite Fitness for shooting

Chapter twelve: February 19th 2014 “Shooting Fitness”

Location Auchterhouse Country Sports

Fitness for shooting is very important to me, if you are up to speed with my trap shooting diary you will have read I have given up alcohol and I am now a regular in the gym.

I have been attending my local gym for approximately 6 weeks and last week I really felt I had made progress as I now feel fitter, stronger and have more energy. I leave the gym feeling fantastic! My hour long work outs normally take place three times a week with a mix of running, rowing then moving onto weights.

After photographing Ben Husthwaite’s clay coaching at Auchterhouse yesterday I spent some time with him asking him about fitness for shooting. Ben’s commitment to fitness is very apparent from my photograph.

I want to fine tune my gym sessions so I asked Ben for advice.  He recommended I should be aiming for good cardio vascular workout three times a week and abs work perhaps once or twice a week.  He also suggested doing upright side stretches (standing upright and slide your hands down your thighs) and putting the gun across my shoulders and twisting from side to side.  Ben’s recommendations will build a good strong core and increase my fitness no end. It will also aid me to lock in my arms. Core strength and fitness is the central to good shooting and although I am not there yet it is only a matter of time!

“Being fit has never harmed my shooting career” said Ben.

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