Diary of a lady trap shooter, chaper 13: “While the cat’s away the mice will play…” #shooting

Iain macgregor shooting coach

Iain macgregor shooting coach

Chapter Thirteen: February 20th 2014 “While the Cat’s away the mice will play…”
Location Auchterhouse Country Sports
75 Cartridges
Iain MacGregor is away…

Breezy weather today but it did stay dry and at one point the skies cleared and the sun popped out. Emma was out shooting with me and we shot 50 DTL in the first session then another 25 in our second session.

Now, I love shooting, I would shoot every day if I could but today reminded me how much of a laugh you can have shooting and still remain focussed (for the most part!).

I felt very confident shooting and was aware of my timing and settling my eyes in certainly more so than last week.

My gun felt really, really good in my hands today, dare I say, we felt as one. I’ve never felt this before. I feel as though something else has fallen into place.

Onwards and I look forward to shooting with Emma very soon. I won’t see her next week as she’s off to Dubai (#Jealous!)


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