Roe doe stalk this morning #fieldsports #deerstalking #scotland

Roe deer stalking, Angus, Scotland

Roe deer stalking, Angus, Scotland

Up and out early this morning with deer stalker Johnny Readhead to stalk over some farmland between Friockheim and Forfar, Angus. We parked up and headed to a large rape field bounded on two sides by Birch and Pine woodland.

Very quickly we spotted a small group of Roe browsing on the rape. A deer fence blocked the deer from going directly into the woodland on our right. The deer could go in three different directions; they either had to go further out into the field, head away from us or come passed us. We tucked ourselves into the edge of the field, lying low in the damp grass next to the deer fence and waited. The sun started to rise and the temperature dropped rather quickly to about 2°.

Patience paid off, the deer started to walk towards us, a 3 year old (approx) buck, a doe and twins. A second group appeared, a doe and twins.

The south westerly wind was in our favour, they were unaware of our presence. The first doe was neck shot at 110 yards and one of the kids at much the same distance in the heart/lungs. The other deer didn’t move very far, within a few minutes they returned to browsing on the rape.

Johnny took his time stalking in closer on his own; I sat tight to the fence line and watched. The deer were relaxed. Johnny shot the doe in the chest at 170yards and one of the kids stood broadside for chest shot at 100 yards. The buck and the other kids took off, the buck went through the deer fence and disappeared into the woodland and one of the kids (male) tried to follow by throwing himself at the fence. Johnny chased him away into the field.

The deer were very healthy with good body weight.  It was a good morning of deer management with a nice buck left to mature for another season.
Johnny’s rifle: Remington 7 S/S .243 with a ASE Ultra SL5 Moderator, using 100gr Federal Vital Shok. More photographs from the stalk can be seen on my facebook page HERE

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