Diary of a lady trap shooter: I start working with a personal trainer next week… #shooting

Shooting Fitness

Shooting Fitness

My overall fitness has improved since I took out a gym membership late December last year. Starting from next week I now have a personal fitness trainer or mentor as they are called at my local gym.  From Monday I will be working with Linsay Gibson.

I spent some time with her today talking about the overall fitness I wanted to achieve and specifically for shooting.

Linsay introduced me to rowing correctly, squats, planks and shoulder presses on a bosu ball. She has put together routines for me to do three times a week. So next week I get stuck into the routines also incorporating bench press and dead lift. Can’t wait!After today’s session I ache in places I never knew existed so next week I just know I am going to be wiped out…. Bring it on!

For more information please visit my Trap Shooting FB page www.facebook.com/ladytrapshooter



  1. Linda, I went scrolling and found your post. I’m just an old West Texas Bird hunter who has learned a thing or two about shotgunning during more than 60+ years of teaching shooters. My wife and I mentored a kid from IL whom we’ve never met. He shot well enough to make the ATA All American team his first year. He was 12 years old. Your fitness program is good. However, to develop the finesse it takes to become a world class trapshooter, you use a set of muscles in sequences you don’t use for any other purpose. You will develop strength at the gym. You won’t develop finesse at the gym. You haven’t indicated your goals, or your ability to afford to become an Olympic Class shooter. Kim Rhode started in her early teens and shot 500 practice targets every day for months before going to the games. Way short of the Olympics, you can shoot well enough to wax the men at your local club, everytime.
    Regardless, if that is your trap gun in the photo, you are well equiped. Call if you like and we will talk. Best regards, Leon Measures 936-328-7927


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