Trap shooting mental training with Phil Coley..Wow! #trapshooting #expert #clayshootingsuccess

Phil Coley, the shooting mental training expert - Trap shooting with Linda Mellor

Phil Coley, the shooting mental training expert – Trap shooting with Linda Mellor

Chapter Fifteen: March 20th 2014 “Phil takes me to the Zone!”
Location Auchterhouse CountrySports

Trap shooting mental skills session with Phil Coley
50 Cartridges

Wow! What an amazing experience it was working with Phil Coley at Auchterhouse on Tuesday.

After an initial chat we went out to the DTL stand and I shot a number of targets while he stood back and observed. He then discussed his observations with me and set about working through the pre-shot routine, slowing me down and raising my hold point.

We used visualisation techniques to experience each stage of the preparation to shoot right up to taking the shot.  I found this to be incredibly powerful because I experienced a number of radical shifts. As we worked through the techniques my awareness dramatically increased, time slowed down and my senses were heightened. The overwhelming feeling was that of being in the zone.

I finished our session shooting 20/25 and I had mostly stayed in the zone. I did drop out of the zone a few times however by using the shot rehearsal taught by Phil I put myself back in it. Practising the mental rehearsal will allow me to control every single shot I take. Previously I would have battered on and missed targets.

I fully appreciate mental strength being crucial to a consistent shooting performance. Working with Phil has equipped me with skills I never knew existed. I look forward to progressing on my shooting journey and further sessions with Phil.

I went home buzzing! It was fun, informative and an incredibly eye-opening introduction to mental skills for trap shooting.

Phil Coley


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