Diary of a Lady Trap Shooter, chapter 16..

Diary of a lady trap shooter

Diary of a lady trap shooter

Chapter Sixteen: April 3rd 2014 “The return of the shooting coach”
Location Auchterhouse CountrySports
First session in ages with Shooting Coach Iain MacGregor
50 Cartridges and my Beretta 682 trap gun

It finally happened! Iain MacGregor graced not so sunny Scotland with his presence once again.

We talked, we ate (I had a bacon roll, of course!) and drank tea. We went to the DTL range. Iain was keen to see how I was shooting. I hadn’t manage to shoot last week due to my workload and writing deadlines so I was keen to see how I would perform after my session with Phil Coley more than two weeks ago. I took my time (thanks Phil!), went through my pre-shot routine and settled myself in. My core stability was good, I held the gun still (mostly!) when they were a few no-show targets and shot using the raised hold point (again, thanks Phil!).

The biggie for me was realising how important it is to have the confidence to take your time to ensure you are where you need to be – centred – before you shoot.

Iain said (I did write it down word for word) he was “really pleased and there had been a huge improvement. There were many times when you moved the gun directly to the target, took lots of good shots and achieved quality breaks.”

My gym sessions with Lynsay are really paying dividends because I can feel the difference in my core strength and my energy levels. Being stronger also helps me keep the gun steady.

In summary, yesterday’s session was very good. I was very happy with my performance and so was Iain. You can read more about my shooting adventures here https://www.facebook.com/ladytrapshooter

Just goes to show wearing your knickers inside out can improve your shooting!

Iain’s website http://www.claycoach.co.uk/

Auchterhouse http://www.auchterhousecountrysports.co.uk

The Pear Tree tearoom and Larder https://www.facebook.com/peartreetearoom

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