Diary of a Lady Trap Shooter – today’s shooting session

Diary of a lady trap shooter, Beretta 682

Diary of a lady trap shooter, Beretta 682

Chapter Eighteen: April 23rd 2014 “Progress!”
Location Auchterhouse Country Sports
Shooting Coach Iain MacGregor
60 Cartridges
2 sessions..

We started our coaching session part one on the DTL layout nearest to the clubhouse on station 5. Like last week (Ooops! I didn’t do an update due to my workload and deadlines) I was wearing my heeled boots and not my wellies. It’s a nice feeling shooting in heels so I think I’ll continue to do so.

Very quickly Iain identified an improvement in my posture and posture control. I had somehow altered my posture and retained control of my posture when I shot wearing heels. The heels made a difference and it was positive.

There were a few shots where I was not in the right place in regard to sight picture but they were not bad shots said Iain. We moved to station 3 where I shoot properly, with proper gun movement: pause and acceleration. Iain was also heard saying “all good shots!”

We finished on station 1. I don’t ‘rotate properly’. I am inclined to move my arms and not lock-in so my posture suffers although I did pull off a shot Iain didn’t think was possible with my second barrel on a left hander. I swear I heard him say “Ooh” a couple of octaves higher than normal!

Session deux commenced after a cup of tea back at the clubhouse. We went to the other DTL layout, Sian Bruce was with us and she shot skeet very well! Afterwards it was my turn on the DTL layout. We started this session with focus on a firm core. I need to perfect my mental check-list before I shoot. There are certain things I do 95% of the time before I shoot thanks to Phil Coley, my session with him last month has stuck and it is now, mostly(!) automatic. Iain also slightly altered my posture to lean forward a little more. To me it felt like a big alteration but actually it wasn’t.

In summary, Iain MacGregor said, “Every week there is visible improvement and bad habits have not been allowed to develop because you are clever (yes, he did say that!). You always strive to make each shot count.”

I felt today’s couple of sessions were very interesting. I felt the progress. I really ‘felt’ the shift. At one point I stopped for a few moments, smiled and enjoyed the feeling. It’s one of those little snap shots in time when you know it’s all good and it is extremely pleasurable. Life is good. Shooting is euphoric.


Iain MacGregor website http://www.claycoach.co.uk/

Auchterhouse CountrySports www.auchterhousecountrysports.co.uk

Angelia Yorke The Pear Tree tearoom and Larder https://www.facebook.com/peartreetearoom

Phil Coley http://www.clayshootingsuccess.co.uk/

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