Chapter 20 The Diary of a lady trap shooter ‘the zone’

Double barrel, 12 bore close up, Beretta 682.

Double barrel, 12 bore close up, Beretta 682.

Chapter Twenty: 22nd May 2014 “The Zone”

Location: Auchterhouse Country Sports

Shooting Coach: Iain MacGregor

40 Cartridges

Well, what an interesting shooting session I had today. I did not shoot last week so this was my first time out with the gun in two weeks.

As soon as I stepped out on to the shooting range I was ready to shoot. I did a couple of dry mounts and started shooting on stand number 4.

Everything felt right. My mind was focussed and my body felt strong as I engaged my core and settled in to shoot (using the visualisation techniques taught by Phil Coley). The highlight was probably the most monumental experience to date of my shooting journey. As soon as I picked up my gun I was in the Zone and stayed there until I finished shooting. I felt calm, confident and sort-of-detached-but-still-there. I shot stand four, five and then one. Although aware of my calm state, I did not question or fight it. Why would I? It felt blissful, serene and rather special. It felt like a hypnotic trance where you had full control or a special place you would find when meditating. My senses were alert, I could still hear Iain talking, sharing his wit (?) and wisdom (?) throughout.

I have been in the Zone before (you can read about it in previous chapters) however I was only ever in it for part of the shooting session and not for the entire time.

Iain noticed the difference in me, he said my skill levels are up, I was ready to shoot, my posture was good, if I missed a target with my first barrel I nailed it with my second. Iain said, “A vast improvement”.

So there you are, today’s rather epic shooting experience… Read all about them here

Iain MacGregor website

Phil Coley

Auchterhouse (new website currently under construction)
The Pear Tree tearoom and Larder

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