Free? The business brickwall


business brick wall

business brick wall

I am a full-time professional photographer and freelance writer. I create pictures and articles in exchange for money. My writing and images are my products and my livelihood.

I have been a professional photographer for many years and I am commissioned to write for magazines and other media. It is my job, not a hobby and not something I do in my spare-time. I can be found online with comparative ease, just type my name into Google and you will find my website, my linkedIn page, my photography blog (8k monthly views), my twitter account (4,100+followers), my facebook account, my flickr account and others. I have spent considerable amounts of money on my professional photography equipment and committed many years to building my experience and furthering my knowledge to create compelling images and write interesting content.

On a regular basis I am approached by businesses who wish to use my images or engage my writing services for free. They applaud my work yet deem a ‘credit’ a worthy payment.

A healthy business relationship will not grow if one party has an unfounded expectation of receiving free goods or services at the outset. I understand asking for discount or bartering as we want to engage and enjoy doing business together. Feeling valued brings out the best in us and we are more likely to give a higher degree of commitment but if we feel exploited it has the opposite effect.

The ‘free’ requests for images and writing come with offers of ‘great exposure’ or ‘a chance to showcase your work.” If you are relatively unknown or looking to expand or diversify then exposure can work for you. Apart from seeing converted sales, how easy is it to quantify and qualify the exposure as beneficial to your business?

My name is Linda Mellor. I am a professional Photographer and Freelance Writer. I am a passionate business woman with creative flair who enjoys engaging in business.



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