Chapter 22: Diary of a lady trap shooter, update #trap shooting

diary of a lady trap shooter chapter 22

diary of a lady trap shooter chapter 22

Chapter Twenty two: “Visible Progress!”
Location: Auchterhouse CountrySports
Shooting Coach: Iain MacGregor
75 Cartridges

Yesterday was a warm, fine day to be out shooting. There was a marked improvement in my strength. If you have following my progress you will have read I am in the gym 3 times a week. This is really working well for me as my entire body feels stronger and more capable. Incidentally, I did have a personal best in the gym on Wednesday; I pressed 200kg on the leg press. It made my day hitting the 200kg mark so now my focus is on repetitions and sets as I continue towards my next goal. I have been working with Lynsay Gibson, she has ensured there is a lot of variety in the workouts, building my strength, stamina and toning me up. My rowing times have decreased and my entire back, shoulders and arms feel so much stronger and I can feel the individual muscle groups engaging. One areas of my workout I absolutely love is lifting weights. I want to do as much as I can with weights. I find they really suit my mindset and my lack of patience as I like the speed of the results. I also get bored easily but thanks to the variety Lynsay puts into my routines that has not happened.

After healthy poached eggs on toast Iain and I headed out to the DTL stand. I started on Station 3, Iain asked me to shoot 5 targets, I did – 4 first barrel kills and one poor shot. Moved to station 4 and repeat – hit 4 a couple were second barrel kills and missed one. I have come a long way; previously I would have rarely killed with second barrel but today I was rather consistent (Yes I know, first barrel is the desired outcome but 2nd is better than zero!). It is no longer a completely missed target as some of my second barrels kills were ‘very good’ said coach. We worked on other stations, finishing on 1.

I do need to slow down. Iain and I discussed the timing and I realise when I am shooting well I tend to rush to shoot rather than pace myself and use parts of my pre-shot routine to ensure I am 100% ready. I think what is going on in my head is when I am shooting well and wanting to stay in the ‘Zone’ I rush to shoot and stay in it. As Iain said, “test your pre-shot routine every time.” I need to revisit my pre-shot routine, Iain suggested I write it down. Have you ever done this? If you have done so, how long was the list and how many parts are in your pre-shot routine?

I also need to do more dry training at home and find a ‘pull’ call that doesn’t create any movement. I don’t move off the gun when I call ‘pull’ but there is some body movement. I will be addressing these points this weekend.

This journey continues to be engaging and interesting. I can clearly see the areas where I need to do more work. I am feeling so much stronger and confident; it is as though I have taken another step forward on the progress path. Iain said, “Visible progress!”

Iain MacGregor website


The Pear Tree tearoom and Larder


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  1. Your write-up is very entertaining I find most enjoyable , your photo is nice too . I don’t often comment but am interested in your work .


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