Diary of a Lady Trap Shooter chapter 23 “Triggers”

beretta 682 trigger

Beretta 682 trigger

Chapter Twenty Three: “Triggers” Tuesday 1st July 2014
Location: Auchterhouse CountrySports
Shooting Coach: Iain MacGregor
53 Cartridges

Very warm day for shooting, must have been in the mid twenties, even Iain only had a few layers on (he is known for feeling the cold and wearing many layers of clothing).

Started on station three then moved to station two, shot very well at both. I can feel more improvement in my core strength and how I can really lock it in. I had a great session in the gym with Lynsay on Sunday when I did my usual rowing then moved onto weights doing dead lifts, sumo dead lifts, resistance work on the TRX machine with a metal bar thingie (technical term, haha!) and finished off with some stretches incorporating a kettlebell. I FELT it the next day and still ached a little today but I do like that feeling because I think my muscles have had a good workout.

We moved to station one and talked for a while about triggers. I know I have been here before ensuring I shoot when I am ready and not before. I have proved I can shoot well when I have done my check list – engage core, check posture – I need to watch that one as sometimes I am too upright and just need a slight correction of a little dip forward. I need to get my check list routine rehearsed and a trigger to ensure I have done everything so I am ready to shot.

We talked about goal setting and my long term goals. Overall it was a very good session; I felt my focus was good today. I was happy and Iain was happy with my performance.

After shooting I headed to the gym for another session, I love having the energy to do this.

Iain MacGregor website http://www.claycoach.co.uk/

Auchterhouse www.auchterhousecountrysports.co.uk

Diary of a Lady Trap Shooter 

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