Christmas gift buying, here’s the answer!


Linda Mellor in her Akubra hat

Each year we are all faced with the seasonal challenge of present buying for our loved ones. The pressure is on as we tackle the dilemma of choosing an appropriate and thoughtful gift.

Nowadays, the choice is vast and most of it is available online, however, it does not make the decisions surrounding what to buy any easier. The ‘it’ll do’ approach will not work; gift buying is a dark art, feared by many, mastered by a few. If our seasonal gifts reflect a lack of thought perhaps they may be interpreted as a measure of our feelings for the recipient.  Get it wrong at your peril.

If you have searched the internet, exhausted your inspiration and trawled the shops to no avail then look no further, I have the answer! The Akubra hat.

Gentlemen look distinguished in hats and ladies look classy. Wearing a hat makes you stand out and it is a conversation piece. In addition to all the practical benefits, wearing the Akubra makes you feel good, it gives you confidence and ready to tackle anything. It also accentuates a woman’s femininity and gives them an elegant edge.

It is also a long term investment in looking the part as the Akubra, with the right care, will last for many years. It is comfortable to wear and there are a selection of styles and colours to suit everyone. The hat is both practical and elegant and will bring a smile to the wearer when they recall how their loved one dedicated time and effort into buying them a special gift.


Linda Mellor’s Akubra with added feather and roe buck brooch

I bought my Akubra (Coober Pedy in sea grass green) some years ago when I was browsing through the trade stands at a game fair. I stopped at the Elm of Burford stand (official UK importers of Akubra Hats) when I noticed their hat selection. It was an instant attraction and a ‘must have’. I am sure they must owe me some commission because numerous people at fair asked me where I bought my hat that day. My Akubra has travelled all over the UK with me on photography jobs, game shooting and fishing days. It shades me from the sunshine, keeps me warm on the colder days, dry on the wet ones and my hair away from my eyes when I am shooting. It also offers protection from wayward clay pigeon fragments and fishing hooks. Many countrymen and women will not be seen without their trusty Akubra hat, it is every bit as important as their shooting equipment or fishing gear. I won’t leave home without it.

The Akubra hat is a thoughtful, classy Christmas gift and it is memorable – for all the right reasons!

Visit Unsure what style or size? Call the helpful staff at Elm of Burford Shop on number 01993 824004 or 824440. If you buy a hat and discover it is the wrong size or another style is required, they can be exchanged.

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