Fife based Marine Media Man

Neil Cunningham Dobson Marine Archaeologist deep sea portrait

Neil Cunningham Dobson Marine Archaeologist deep sea, St Andrews.

Fife based Marine Archaeologist Neil Cunningham Dobson has more than 40 years experience in the industry. He graduated from St. Andrews University with a Master’s in Marine Archaeology and is one of a very small number of archaeologists worldwide who have successfully conducted archaeology in deep-water.

Neil’s career spans being a Merchant Navy Deck Officer, Stability Officer on various oil rigs, offshore survival instructor/examiner, HSE part III commercial diver, a member of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) and a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) pilot. He comes from a long line of seafaring ancestors who can be traced back to the area more than 250 years ago. The deep-water shipwreck investigations attract world-wide media attention so Neil’s work puts him in the spotlight and has meant he has been the subject of many print articles and has appeared on TV. He has starred in global shows on channels ranging from Discovery, National Geographic, History Channel, PBS to Channel 5.

He said, “the media exposure allows me to spread the message of the significance of deep-water exploration and the importance of marine archaeology in understanding our maritime past. I particularly enjoy my involvement in documentaries as ‘The People’s Arch’.”

A regular on the lecture and public speaking circuit, Neil is passionate about sharing his knowledge and discoveries. He said, “I have a relaxed but informative style, I make the science, history and archaeology understandable, interesting, and fun for all.”

You can find out more about Neil Cunningham Dobson here:

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