If you want to get ahead, get a (Hillman) hat



Linda Mellor out deer stalking with Kenneth Larsen, Venator’s MD

Everyone should have a good hat or cap they can use for shooting, fishing and deer stalking. A hat serves many purposes; good camouflage, can be used for warmth, keep the sun and rain off your face and out of your eyes and, in my case, it helps keeps my hair out of the way.

For years, I have worn a couple of different hats; each one has its function; I love my Akubra hat for everyday wear and shooting, it’s also good for fishing and walking but not on a windy day. Recently, I tried and loved the Hillman Reversible Hat. It comes in a range of sizes and patterns; my favourite is the Autumn hat because of the green (I love green) running through the camo pattern. The hat has a folding bill; this feature was invented and produced by Hillman. Thanks to the hat’s lack of bulk you can stuff it in your pocket when not in use, and pull it out when you need it without the need for rigorous reshaping. It also had reversible fluorescent orange. I wore mine when I was out on my first dawn roe buck stalk with Venator’s MD Kenneth Larsen (pictured).

The Hillman Reversible Hat suits men and women and my one is now a permanent fixture in my hat collection.

You can buy one here online at Venator.


Cold weather – warmer clothes, visit Venator!


It’s April, but the temperatures are still dropping, there’s snow in the forecast, and we need our warm clothing. I’m wearing Hillman’s hunting sweater from Venator (Perth based).

Visit Venator for warm layers, ideal for deer stalking, shooting and fishing. Click HERE for product details.

Ever wanted hunting, shooting and fishing destinations at your fingertips?

eagle_review_logoHunting, shooting and fishing contribute billions to the global economy. There are thousands of worldwide locations to visit, and a vast range of fur, feather and fin species to choose from. There are also many agents, outfitters, guides, consultants, operators and estates selling tailored packages to suit all budgets. If you are looking for a new destination for your next hunting, shooting or fishing adventure there is no escaping from the fact you will have to do lots of legwork. Whether it is a trip of a lifetime, working your way through a bucket list, or you fancy going further afield, you will likely spend countless hours trawling through a multitude of websites before you are able to collate your results and compare.

Not anymore.

The Eagle Review is an international review and rating platform for thousands of worldwide shooting and fishing destinations. On the Eagle Review website, you can choose what you want to do and where you want to go. You can compare the destinations and read reviews to find out what other people have said about their experiences before you make your booking.

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Bitter ex- partner: false allegations, firearms and the police for The Countryman’s Weekly

Dealing with false accusations from a bitter ex-partner and the impact on your firearms ownership

Dealing with false accusations from a bitter ex-partner and the impact on your firearms ownership

Christmas gift buying, here’s the answer!


Linda Mellor in her Akubra hat

Each year we are all faced with the seasonal challenge of present buying for our loved ones. The pressure is on as we tackle the dilemma of choosing an appropriate and thoughtful gift.

Nowadays, the choice is vast and most of it is available online, however, it does not make the decisions surrounding what to buy any easier. The ‘it’ll do’ approach will not work; gift buying is a dark art, feared by many, mastered by a few. If our seasonal gifts reflect a lack of thought perhaps they may be interpreted as a measure of our feelings for the recipient.  Get it wrong at your peril.

If you have searched the internet, exhausted your inspiration and trawled the shops to no avail then look no further, I have the answer! The Akubra hat.

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The illustrated shooting process; photographing the detail


I call this particular style my showcase shots because of the showy nature of the images captured. It is all about preparation, I like to watch the shooter in action so I understand their particular style of shooting and what to expect as they go through the process of shooting. I also ensure I have my camera set up to accurately to capture the action. In both cases I used a high shutter speed and had good natural light to work with. I wanted to illustrate parts of the process of shooting, firstly, capture the early part of the shooting process with a muzzle loading black powder shotgun and, secondly, the last part of the shooting process as the cartridges are ejected from a modern shotgun.

cartridges ejecting from a shotgun

cartridges ejecting from a shotgun