Hillman Summer Stalking Trousers

As we go into the warmer months our outdoors clothing requirements change, take a look at the Hillman Summer Stalking Trousers, supplied by Venator, only £89.99. Visit www.venatorpro.com for more deer stalking deals.


Linda Mellor joins forces with Venator Pro

Countrysports writer and professional photographer Linda Mellor joins Venator Pro as Brand Ambassador.

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Scotland-based Linda Mellor, 52, has worked in the rural sector for many years and has been a lifelong supporter of country sports and conservation of the UK countryside.LRM_OCT_2016_LMP

Linda said, “the collaboration with Venator Pro unites our years of experience within country sports sector to create a potent mix of skills intertwined with our authentic passion for the countryside. I have worked with Venator and Hillman, and know they produce the very best in deer stalking clothing and larder equipment.”

Managing Director and DMQ Approved Witness, Kenneth Larsen said, “ Venator Pro is delighted to appoint Linda Mellor as our brand ambassador in the UK. With her extensive country sports experience as a professional photographer and writer, we believe that Linda will positively contribute in promoting Venator’s sporting offers and building the Hillman clothing brand.”

With the rise in deer stalking popularity, it is important the industry is associated with professional, experienced stalkers who invest in themselves and their skills. I have been out stalking on hundreds of occasions but only with my camera. It is important the sport is made accessible to everyone, especially beginners and women, so I am working with Kenneth to put down my camera and pick up a rifle,” said Linda.

Kenneth adds, “Linda’s passionate outlook towards wildlife and her genuine interest in promoting country sports to women and novice hunters fit perfectly with Venator’s business idea to offer memorable hunting experiences from field to plate”.

Linda’s introduction to deer stalking starts this month, stay tuned for updates on her deer stalking journey with Venator Pro and Hillman.

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Kenneth Larsen


Linda’s choice of stalking boot:venator_hunting_boot



Location, location, location!

Location, location, location!

shbt_garden_viewLaw’s Close in Kirkcaldy has office space available for rent. The impressive, historic, building is one of the finest examples of 16th-century townhouses in Scotland. Its combination of location, facilities and character make it an ideal place to work for small businesses in need of a high street location.

Jackie Morrison is the Coordinator for Disabled Persons Housing Service (Fife) and has been based at Law’s close for over 3 years. “Having a high street presence in an approachable community setting was very important for the charity trustees, and business has thrived in the eye-catching setting of Law’s Close.”meeting room

The right sort of location can offer work colleagues so much more than just a place to work, it can be a pleasant space that promotes the health and well-being and getting away from your desk to stretch your legs during the working day. Staff can enjoy the relaxing views over the promenade and sea, with the opportunity to have tea breaks, lunch or working meetings in a beautiful, relaxing garden out the back.” said Jackie.laws_close_kirkcaldy

Merchant’s House, Law’s Close has a selection of work suites and office space available to rent. The convenient central location offers spacious surroundings away from the bland high-tech office blocks and boasts a private, landscaped garden and seating area. The building is immersed in history yet full of modern business essentials such as wi-fi, reception and meeting areas and kitchens.

For more information, please contact: Scottish Historic Buildings Trust
Elizabeth Mackay – Property Manager | Scottish Historic Buildings Trust
Strathleven House, Vale of Leven Industrial Estate, Dumbarton. G82 3PD
Direct Line: 01389 750005 Email: Property@shbt.org.uk

To visit the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust website, click on this link.

For more information about the Disabled Persons Housing Service (Fife), click on this link to visit their website.

Salmon fishing on the River Tay

Read all about it…

29th April 2017.

Salmon Fishing Scotland Tay, Perthshire Salmon fishing report w/e 29th April 2017.

Spring salmon fishing on the Tay in Perthshire has now seen out April with improving conditions for fishing in milder weather and settling lower water levels plus catches are improving after a slow start to the season. Expectation is high on the river for 2017 after 4 successful springs and hopefully settled weather will continue with an improving run in April to give everyone a chance of landing a spring “Bar of Silver”.
Beat catches reported
(week ending 29th April)
SALMON & GRILSE: Lower Redgorton 1, Benchil 1, Pitlochrie 1, Stobhall 2, Taymount 3, Ballathie 6, Cargill 13, Islamouth 30, Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 4, Kercock 3, Delvine Burnbane 1, Murthly 1 3, Glendelvine 2, Murthly 2 18, Newtyle 6, Dunkeld House 1, Dalmarnock 2, Lower Kinnaird 5, Findynate 1, Farleyer Upper 1, Loch Tay Fish n’ Trips 1, Keithick Mains 3, Coupar Grange 10, Portnacraig Pitlochry 5, Loch Faskally 1.
Total: 124 Largest: Meikleour and Upper Islamouth 24lbs
SEA TROUT: Lower Redgorton 1, Upper Redgorton 3, Delvine Burnbane 1.
Total: 5 Largest: Lower Redgorton & Delvine Burnbane 3lbs

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Want to find out more about Roe Deer Stalking in Scotland?

An introduction to Roe deer stalking

Deer stalking is a popular country sport, especially here in Scotland as we have a large and thriving deer population.

If you are curious about deer stalking and would like to give it a go, you should make contact with a qualified, professional deer stalker who provide a beginners course in deer stalking. Venator offers a comprehensive introduction to deer stalking lead by MD, Kenneth Larson, a qualified and experienced stalker.

Deer stalking is done on the open hill or lowland/woodland. One of the most exciting species to stalk is the Roe deer, and as a stalk takes around three hours, it is an ideal introduction for the novice. Stalking takes place in the morning or evening, and typically on foot over the land managed by the stalker or sometimes from a high seat; a strategically positioned elevated seat located in an area known for deer activity. Stalking into deer will be one of the most thrilling outdoor experiences you are likely to have as opens up a previously dormant awareness of your surroundings. Your senses are heightened as you read the landscape for signs of deer. The stalk progresses, you move quietly, listening out for sounds and using binoculars to scan the area for movement. Talking in whispers, so you remain undetected as you stalk your quarry.

Professional stalkers like Kenneth have an enviable fieldcraft earned through years of stalking and understanding their quarry’s habits and habitat. He will share his knowledge and create opportunities for you to broaden yours.

Before you commence the stalk, you will first have to demonstrate your ability to shoot accurately with a rifle. Hunting large animals comes with a high degree of responsibility, so it is imperative you understand the importance of safety and animal welfare. A rifle will be provided, and you will be taught how to shoot at a deer-sized target.

The stalk starts right from the moment you leave your vehicle, so close your cavenator-_pro_images_smaller.jpgr door quietly, and be on the lookout for deer. Kenneth will lead the stalk. You may walk for a number of miles searching for deer, or find a small group less than a field away, as with all nature, there are no guarantees of seeing anything. Once a deer has been spotted, Kenneth will make sure you are in a position from where a safe shot can be taken and support you through the process. The beast will be gralloched (removing the innards) then taken to the larder where it will be butchered.


The Professional Deer Stalker: http://www.venatorpro.com/teammember/kenneth-larsen/

How to book:

To find out more and to book deer stalking with Venator visit www.venatorpro.com

What to wear:


Hillman novel trousers

Hillman hybrid jacket

Roe deer stalking season, Scotland

Buck Apr 1 – Oct 20

Doe 21 – Mar 31

Cold weather – warmer clothes, visit Venator!


It’s April, but the temperatures are still dropping, there’s snow in the forecast, and we need our warm clothing. I’m wearing Hillman’s hunting sweater from Venator (Perth based).

Visit Venator for warm layers, ideal for deer stalking, shooting and fishing. Click HERE for product details.

Looking for a creative space central to town in Kirkcaldy?

Work from one of Kirkcaldy’s oldest buildings

Unique space is available for rent!

One of oldest buildings in Kirkcaldy has space available for rent. The 16th Century Merchant’s House at Law’s Close on Kirkcaldy high street offers a versatile and unique working environment. There are a number of offices and workspaces available. Ideal for small businesses! Perhaps you are an artist looking for exhibition space, or you head up a group in need of somewhere to rent for weekly meetings? Merchant’s House has much to offer for local business people. 

For more information, please contact:
Elizabeth Mackay – Property Manager | Scottish Historic Buildings Trust
Strathleven House, Vale of Leven Industrial Estate, Dumbarton. G82 3PD
Direct Line: 01389 750005 Email: Property@shbt.org.uk

Visit Scottish Historic Buildings Trust Website, click here