If you want to get ahead, get a (Hillman) hat



Linda Mellor out deer stalking with Kenneth Larsen, Venator’s MD

Everyone should have a good hat or cap they can use for shooting, fishing and deer stalking. A hat serves many purposes; good camouflage, can be used for warmth, keep the sun and rain off your face and out of your eyes and, in my case, it helps keeps my hair out of the way.

For years, I have worn a couple of different hats; each one has its function; I love my Akubra hat for everyday wear and shooting, it’s also good for fishing and walking but not on a windy day. Recently, I tried and loved the Hillman Reversible Hat. It comes in a range of sizes and patterns; my favourite is the Autumn hat because of the green (I love green) running through the camo pattern. The hat has a folding bill; this feature was invented and produced by Hillman. Thanks to the hat’s lack of bulk you can stuff it in your pocket when not in use, and pull it out when you need it without the need for rigorous reshaping. It also had reversible fluorescent orange. I wore mine when I was out on my first dawn roe buck stalk with Venator’s MD Kenneth Larsen (pictured).

The Hillman Reversible Hat suits men and women and my one is now a permanent fixture in my hat collection.

You can buy one here online at Venator.


Scotland’s Weather: Sunset by frozen Loch Leven 30 December 2010

Frozen Loch Leven at sunset on 30th December 2010

I asked Richard to pose for me so I could get this photograph of the frozen Loch and the setting sun.

With the addition of Richard in the shot it gives the photograph a feeling of contemplation. I think with landscapes it’s easy to exclude people but for shots like this they can change a very typical sunset scene into something much more appealing with different point of interest.

The scene made me think of the Led Zeppelin Classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’ with the line ‘When I look to the west’. I remember hearing the song for the first time when I was 12 or 13  ( more than 30 years ago, how times flies when you’re enjoying yourself!) and have loved it ever since.

I appear on BBC1 Look North as Photography Judge

On Saturday 31st July Hannah Bayman from BBC1’s Look North came to Wetheriggs Animal Rescue to film me photographing some of the animals ( I donate all my photos to Wetherriggs).

Hannah had asked me to be the judge for the BBC 1 Look North monthly calendar competition.

I enjoyed looking through the entries and picked Mike Sidgwick’s sunset at Saltburn as the winner for the July Photography Competition. I like how Mike used the sunset as a backdrop to the silhouetted Pier. Well done Mike!

Hannah spend around a good hour and a half with us at Wetherriggs chatting and meeting lots of the animals. In true Wetheriggs fashion many animals found us – a Gaggle of Geese waddled passed us a few times, the Macaws and Parakeets were flying around and landing by us, Lovejoy the baby Alpaca said hello. However, for me, Robyn the Eagle Owl was thee star of the show!

The piglets were very funny, they ran off with Hannah’s headset!

Hannah’s report with me at Wetheriggs went out on Tuesday 3rd August just before the weather at 6.30pm. I have uploaded some photographs from the TV and some were taken on the day.