Hillman Summer Stalking Trousers

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Linda Mellor Photography Website with updates

new spring front page for Linda Mellor Photography

Today’s rather wet weather gave me an idea opportunity to update my website with a few recent photographs for the front page.


To visit my website, click on www.lindamellorphotography.co.uk

Cumbrian Man Andrew

Cumbrian Man Andrew.


Originally uploaded by Lindy Mell

Tonight I photographed Cumbrian Man Andrew Inglis, 25, from Keswick.

Andrew arrived for the photo shoot in his customized Ford P100 which you can see in some of the shots. Andrew is a panel beater and certainly knows a thing or two about customising cars, he has a 2.8 engine in the P100 and has plans to drop a V8 into it.

Cumbrian Man, John photo 2


Cumbria Man, John photo 2

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Another sitting for my Cumbrian Man Photo shoot, 2nd Photograph of John Keenan shot in The Lounge Bar, King Street, Penrith, Cumbria on Wednesday 9th September. I spent approx an hour taking photos of John for my Cumbrian Men Project. John was a great subject, very relaxed and natural through the shoot. John Keenan, 50, is a freelance Journalist in the ‘whats on’, travel, art and literature sectors and spends a good deal of his time in Penrith.

Cumbrian Man, John

Cumbrian Man, John.

Originally uploaded by Lindy Mell

Cumbrian Man Photo shoot with John Keenan. The Photo shoot took place in The Lounge Bar in King Street, Penrith, Cumbria on Wednesday 9th September. I wanted to create thoughtful portraits of John using some of the natural light in the comfortable surroundings of The Lounge Bar.

An urge to Satisfy today

It’s raining once again in Cumbria so I’ve decided to spend this afternoon updating my shiny new blog. I was supposed to be photographing a couple in the great outdoors today but no one wants rainy portraits, do they? So, still excited at having my blog I’ve decided to spend this afternoon getting some of my photography work uploaded so you can see the sort of work I have been doing recently.

I spent a few hours at Wetheriggs Animal Rescue Centre, a few miles outside Penrith, on Monday 31st August, I love animals and I’m always delighted to support work people do in helping animals in need.  I also love to interact with them so meeting Trish the hand reared Fox Cub was an absolute delight.  Margaret one of Wetheriggs Animal Handlers also took us to meet the European Eagle Owls, again yet another personal favourite of mine with their massive amber eyes, furry feet and their physical size.